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Most affordable Brick Work and Masonry Services in NYC

Brick Work & Masonry services

Retaining wall, Pavers installation, Waterproofing, Block wall, Brick steps installation & Repair, Brick laying

Brick Work & Masonry Work

Brick Work and Masonry Work is an art and we specialize in it. MUX Construction is a one-stop solution for brick-pointing, brick pressure washing, brick wall repairing, and many more. You name it we do it. 

The market is bombarded with local contractors, and finding a reliable and professional masonry contractor for brick work is tedious. But with MUX Construction, your search comes to an end. We have been in this business for over a decade and have completed brick pointing and brick tuck pointing, brick power washing, brick chimney repair work, and many projects like these.

Best Brick Work & Masonry Contractor in NYC

Do you have any leak spots, or dampness, or witnessing any water penetration? If yes then you might need our premium masonry service for the Brick and masonry Work. Concrete, brick, and stone masonry may experience problems over time. Weather changes impact immensely on the brick work. Simple cracks get enlarged due to seasonal temperature changes, or they can begin to degrade. If you see these cracking or decaying in your home or commercial building, it means you need our specialized masonry services.

Hence, don’t delay your work, a talented, knowledgeable, and experienced team of MUX brick repair professionals is here to handle all your problems. We make sure that every brick repair and brick pointing work we have done is up to the highest standards. We put extra effort to do old buildings to keep the heritage safe and guarantee a smooth finished look.

Brick Pointing

Specialized Brick & Masonry Services We Offer At MUX

MUX Construction is the best option for New Yorkers because we are aware of the issues that residents of the city encounter as well as the state regulations that must be followed. Knowing the brick repair work and its complications, our company offers a wide range of services related to masonry and brick work. By hiring MUX Construction, an NYC resident or building owner ensures high-quality masonry work with full commitment and perfection.

Brick pointing and tuck pointing

Brick Pointing & Brick Tuck Pointing

The brick work of both residential and commercial buildings gets damaged over time due to exposure to weather conditions. MUX Construction is known for its specialization in brick pointing and tuck pointing. This process involves renewing the mortar joints of bricks with new cement to provide strength to the weak structure.

Brick Grinding

Brick Grinding & Pointing

The new architectural technique has changed old and vintage brick works. Modern architectural designing requires brick grinding skills to stylize brick structures. Brick grinding services require precision and practice which MUX brick grinding workmen have. With the help of proper machines and tools, our workers are the best in NYC.

Chimney Brick Work

Chimney Brick Work

The chimney is an integral part of the house for ventilation. Cracks in the chimney walls or mortar and corrosion in old brick pointing are the main reason for the chimney leak. Moisture penetrating the chimney walls can cause damage to the roof and house internal walls. All these problems are solved by hiring MUX Construction for the chimney pointing and repairing work to keep the chimney structural strength at its best and avoid any leakage.

Brick Power Washing

Brick Power Washing

MUX Construction has offer complete services related to brick work in New York. And brick power washing is an integral service availed by most homeowners and commercial building owners. Under power washing, we offer to pressure wash brick houses and buildings, pressure wash historical properties, power washing brick patios, etc.

Brick Steps Insallation

Brick Steps Installation & Repair

Brick steps look appealing and add beauty to the exterior of the house. If not in proper condition can cause accidents like trip hazards, falling from the stairs, etc. It should be regularly maintained and repaired if required to avoid accidents. And for that MUX brick step installers and repair workers can flawlessly repair broken brick steps.

Brick Wall Water Proofing

Brick Wall Waterproofing

Waterproofing is important for the building structure to maintain its strength and prevent moisture, dampness, or any algae growth. Waterproofing is done by applying waterproofing material or sealant on the exterior of the building walls creating a shield between water and the brick work. At MUX, we use the industry’s best sealer which penetrates deep into the wall and gives optimum protection.

Brick Laying

Brick Laying

Brick laying is a technical job that requires expertise and no other masonry contractor can do this job. MUX Construction follows quality control standards while doing the brick laying project. We strictly monitor the quality and size of the bricks used in this process. Mortar quality and its composition are also rigorously checked for the ideal durability of the structure.

retaining wall contractor

Retaining wall Contractor

We offer top quality retaining wall services, Weather your looking to repair a wall or make a new one 

30+ Years of hands on experience. We strictly monitor the quality & workmanship of our jobs 

composition are also rigorously checked for the ideal durability of the structure.

Pavers Installation

Pavers Installation

Perfectly installed pavers add curb appeal to the exterior of the house and the commercial building. MUX specializes in installing walkways, patios, pool decks, driveways, etc. When it comes to designing an outdoor area of the house, MUX offers complete service of paver installation along with masonry structures.

Areas We Serve

We offer our premium brick and masonry works services in NYC including all the following location:

  • Brooklyn Brick and Masonry Work
  • Queens Brick and Masonry Work
  • Manhattan Brick and Masonry Work
  • Long Island Brick and Masonry Work
  • Staten Island Brick and Masonry Work
  • Bronx Masonry Work

Brickwork in Progress!

No matter the size of the project, MUX Construction CO takes pride in our excellent work, competitive fees and my ability to deliver outstanding results on time. From coordinating projects to taking care of all that bureaucratic oversight, We conveniently guide our clients through our services. Call today for a free estimate.

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Darien Simmons

MUX management and crew consistently acted in a professional and reliable manner. I would strongly recommend MUX Construction to my friends and family.

Antoinette Michocki

Mux Construction crew were thoughtful enough to make a follow-up call the next day to ask about the job. I highly recommend Mux for sidewalk repair.

Irwin Abraham

Excellent work. Very efficient, amazing attention to detail, super friendly, and amazingly responsive. A perfect example of how every business should conduct itself.

Chi Cheung

I had a sidewalk violation from the city. This company was a pleasure to work with. They are very friendly and responsive, always returns my calls or texts.


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